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Thank you for attending our 
2023 Annual Conference:


Friday, October 20
8:30 - 3:00

James McKinney Elementary
Richmond, BC

Recordings of the Keynote addresses will soon be available on our Members Only page for 30 days (end date to be confirmed)

 Time limited 11% discount from Mindset available HERE:


Keynote Speakers

Dr. Amy Parent

Dr. Amy Parent

Learning to Become Whole Human Beings: Unlearning Colonialism on Coast Salish Lands & Waterways

Kiera Meunier

Kiera Meunier

I will be teaching you a modern way of beading for many Indigenous peoples. You will be learning how to make a beaded lanyard. This workshop requires a lot of patience and listening.

Sierra Club

Sierra Club

Place Based Learning: Beginning to Invite an Indigenous Lens into Your Practice.

Letty Rising

Letty Rising

Redefining Balance in Montessori Education for a Post-Pandemic World: Merging Independence with Interdependence and Tradition with Innovation

Russell Wallace

Russell Wallace

You’re invited to try your hand at Salish singing and drumming. Connect our spirits with the heartbeat of Mother Earth. No experience necessary! There will be a limited number of hand drums available, but you are encouraged to bring your own.


Exhibitors & Vendors


Local Independent Bookstore of  Children's Literature &

Teaching Resources


Mindset Learning Tools: Classroom Materials,

Teacher Resources,

Furniture & Organization

the prepared environment

Simple Tools & Resources to Cultivate Gratitude & Mindfulness;

The Mimmo Project


Affordable Montessori Materials On-line &

for Local Pickup

Bringing natural resources to every child

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