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The Issues Around Reporting

With the new Curriculum in full effect, teachers are nervous about how reporting is going to change. Is this a good thing for Montessori teachers or is there fear of change and worries about the lack of direction. There are also worries about what has to be done as reporting has legal requirements. At the moment that language is a little ambiguous and rumours abound. Fundamentally, the New Curriculum is a good thing for us, yet the reporting discussion is becoming the focus of discussions rather than the implementation of there New Curriculum.

Here are some things to think about and also a quick overview of your legal obligations.

First, take this year to mess around and try new things as far as reporting. The lack of direction from the ministry implies a chance to explore. Share ideas and see what others are doing. Soon enough more direction will come, but you can be part of that conversation rather than a passive recipient. This is our chance to lead the charge as to best practises in reporting.

Second, you still have legal responsibilities. There are two schedules as far as your legal obligation. If using schedule two, this need to be identified to the ministry ahead of time and it is a district initiative. The board must provide public consultation while developing their new reporting policy. Unless this is the case, you should be using schedule one. The main points of each schedule are listed below.

Schedule One:

- Three formal reports and two informal reports


- Use of performance standards and comments in relation to the learning outcomes (curricular competencies)


- Letter grade or reporting comments in relation to the learning outcomes (curricular competencies) for subject areas

In Addition: At the end of the year reports must include reporting comments in relation to...

A) Applied Design, Skills, and Technology and Career Ed.

B) A student self assessment on core competencies

Schedule Two

- Demonstrate on going and timely communication of student learning

- Reporting must include a year end written summative report/ may be at the end of each semester

- Report must include progress in each subject area

- Include a self assessment for core competencies

- A letter grade must be provided if requested by the parents

Hopefully this information is helpful while you all wade through this time of change. It is all a great learning experience and an opportunity to grow as an educator.

For more information on Reporting visit:

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